Update on the State Budget

On Tuesday, January 19th, Steve Osborne (business affairs), Brian McGee (academic affairs), Paul Patrick (administration and planning), Sam Jones (business affairs), Shirley Hinson (government relations) and I traveled up to Columbia for the College’s annual budget presentation to the South Carolina House Ways and Means Committee. We presented the College’s budget requests for FY17 and answered questions about the College.

The College has several budget requests.

Budget Requests: 2016-2017 Appropriations

Recurring Monies:

  • Expansion of in-state mission: $2.2 million
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies: $750,000
  • Computer Science: $735,000
  • Mitigating Information Security Ranks: $652,000

Nonrecurring Monies:

  • Bachelor of Professional Studies: $250,000
  • Computer Science: $650,000
  • Information Security: $1,559,000

Capital Projects Monies:

  • Learning Technology Center: $35 million
  • Stern Center Renovation: $9.75 million
  • Simons Center Renovation: $53.5 million
  • Silcox Renovation: $23 million
  • 58 George Street Renovation: $3.9 million

We have been doing research, and we believe there are perhaps more resources available this year, including a possible bond bill, which I strongly encourage. That is why we have an incredibly long list of needs. We know we will not get it all, but we may get some.

As it stands now, the budget subcommittee has written into the budget bill for the College:

  • Recurring: E & G $2 million
  • Non-recurring: computer science $650,000

We are still a long ways off from a final bill, so these numbers can change and more or less money can be allocated to the College, especially if there is a bond bill.