Update on the Bachelor of Professional Studies Program

As I mentioned in my September blog post, we have been working with the Faculty Senate  on some changes to the Bachelor of Professional Studies program.

On Nov. 3, the Faculty Senate discussed and voted on three reforms to the Bachelor of Professional Studies program. The proposals on the agenda included:

  • changes to the age requirement for admission (from 24 to 21);
  • more flexibility in the required course content needed for admission into the BPS program, which will create a smoother pathway from the associate’s to the bachelor’s degree and reduce the time to a degree and the cost of a degree for the population already applying to the program;
  • a decrease in the number of previously earned credit hours that is required for BPS admission (from 60 hours to 30 hours).

The proposals were brought forward by Dean Godfrey Gibbison and endorsed by the Faculty Senate’s Curriculum Committee on Oct. 16.

I am happy to report that, after considerable discussion, all three BPS proposals were approved by the Faculty Senate by very substantial majorities.

The changes will go into effect beginning in Aug. 2016 and will expand access to the program to many more people.

With these changes, we are unlocking the potential of the CofC North Campus, and the programs there will be more attractive to non-traditional students who would like to earn their degree. These changes in no way decrease our academic standards. The approved proposals simply remove barriers to a college education for countless students, thus making us more accessible, which is in line with our vision for the College. These changes reflect our desire to create more academic opportunities for the citizens in the communities we serve.

Securing the Faculty Senate’s approval to move forward with our vision for the CofC North Campus is a win for our entire campus community and will only help strengthen the College’s bottom line moving forward.