Message to Students on Security Fee

Security is a top priority of the College of Charleston leadership. We strive to provide a safe and secure campus for you, our faculty, our staff and our visitors. Although the College is safe, no campus in America is completely crime-free, and, thus, we always have to be vigilant and proactive in upgrading and expanding our security services.

Due to more federal and state regulations regarding personal safety and cyber security, concerns and expectations from parents and students about campus safety, and the increased frequency of threats such as campus shootings, universities around the country are increasing funding and personnel to campus safety and security needs. Given that there are limited resources in the College’s budget to comply with these new regulations and to make the campus safety and security upgrades we need, it is essential to establish a security fee. An annual fee will provide the College with a consistent, annual source of funding to help defray some of the costs of our safety and security investments.

In line with this mindset, earlier today, the College’s Board of Trustees approved a $50 security fee for all enrolled students. The fee will be charged each semester beginning this upcoming spring semester and will be solely used to address campus security and cyber security needs. This fee will enable us to replace and provide additional security cameras as well as integrate a card access system to campus buildings. As these projects are addressed, other security upgrades will follow.

Let me reiterate, the College is a safe campus. We have numerous cameras around campus, many public safety officers, and other resources and protocols in place to ensure your safety. This new fee is solely about making enhancements that will further help protect our entire campus community against threats – both people and cyber related. The College of Charleston leadership is committed to ensuring the College remains a remarkable place to live, learn, work, and excel.

I wish you all the best in your studies and a wonderful rest of the semester and academic year.



– This message about our new security fee was sent out to all students in October.