In Case You Missed It: President McConnell’s Two Op-Eds

Earlier this semester, I wrote two op-eds that were published around the state in which I called for the General Assembly to invest more in higher education. I made the case that it’s the state’s responsibility to invest in its public institutions, especially in regards to helping maintain the public buildings we use for classrooms, labs and offices.

If the College is to fulfill its public mission to educate the people of this state and those who come here from around the country and world, the state must invest in public institutions and our efforts to properly train people for jobs, especially those jobs in South Carolina that non-residents are coming here to fill.

This is a message I will keep discussing and reinforcing with our elected officials and with external groups such as Rotary Clubs. It certainly will be part of my message when I appear before the Senate Finance Committee and the Commission on Higher Education in March.

Below are links to my two op-eds.

(Post & Courier)

(The State)