College Launches New “Gold Bag Alert” Intiative

As we all know, we strive to recruit the best and brightest students from around South Carolina and the country to the College of Charleston, and that is no small, simple or easy task. One of the most influential factors in the college selection process for a prospective student and their families is the campus visit. Because of that, I am excited to support our Office of Admissions in their new “Gold Bag Alert” initiative.

Beginning in the next few weeks, when prospective students check in for their campus tour, they will receive a gold bag with the College’s logo. This “Gold Bag” is a way for those on campus to identify prospective students and their families. I simply ask when you see a student with one of these gold bags on campus to extend a hospitable greeting so characteristic of our Southern city. Also, please do not hesitate to offer assistance in the event that a visitor looks “lost,” offer to take a picture of the family, or simply provide the prospective student with directions to his/her next stop. And, of course, if time allows, engage in a conversation about your affiliation with the College.

I am excited by this opportunity to more easily identify and connect with the future of our institution: our prospective students. I hope you will join me in making our visitors feel more welcome and at home at the College. A few minutes of our time can perhaps ensure a more informative, productive and enjoyable campus visit for our future students and may go a long way in helping them to determine if our College family is the best fit.


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