College Launches Cultural Passport Program for Faculty and Staff

In August, at the Back-to-School Picnic, I announced the launch of a new program called the College Cultural Passport.

As I indicated there, this program will allow you to attend for free select events in the arts, athletics, and academics throughout the year. We have an exciting schedule this fall of concerts, lectures and sports events. Please note that all fall athletics events, except for men’s basketball, are a part of the College Cultural Passport Program; spring sports eligibility will be determined later this semester.

The goal of the program is pretty simple – to encourage more faculty and staff to take advantage of the College’s “life of the mind” by attending events that showcase our talented students, faculty and alumni.

As a bonus, anyone who attends 6 cultural passport programs a year will be named a College Cultural Ambassador and will be recognized at the end of the spring semester. Attendees will self-report attendance through MyCharleston.

The primary stewardship of the program is a collaboration between the President’s Office, Academic Affairs, Athletics, School of the Arts and the Division of Marketing and Communications.

To learn more about the program and to see a list of events, please visit

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