A Thanksgiving Message

This week’s celebration of Thanksgiving is a reminder to us all to be grateful for everything that we have. I  know that our university community has much for which to be thankful:

  • Students who are thoughtful, creative and passionate;
  • Student-athletes who are entertaining to watch perform and who strive to win every competition;
  • Faculty and staff who are remarkable, dedicated and the reason we continue to fulfill our educational mission;
  • And alumni and friends who are dedicated to the College’s continued rise.

I am honored to serve such an engaged and energetic campus community.

To our students, thank you for being our “North Star” – a reminder of why we are here and an inspiration to continue elevating our academic and student experience.

To our faculty and staff, thank you for your work with our students and in so many instances, going above and beyond to produce world-class graduates who are ready to showcase the power of a College of Charleston education on the global stage.

To the many individuals who contribute their time, knowledge and financial resources to the College, thank you for investing in our mission and our students and for reminding us that generosity comes in many forms from many places.

I wish our entire College of Charleston community – near and far – a wonderful Thanksgiving. May your time with family and friends be filled with laughter, warm memories and moments of reflection on the many blessings for which you can be thankful.

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