Message from President McConnell

Dear Campus Community:

What a time to be alive! In August, the fall semester began with nearly 12,000 students arriving on campus. More than 2,000 of them are freshmen – the Class of 2019 – coming to college for the first time, just like me 50 years ago. I can still vividly remember my first class on campus and wondering what my future at the College would hold. I could never have imagined the opportunities that would unfold, the lifelong friendships I would make, the faculty and staff who would have a transformational impact on my life, or the ways in which a College education would train and prepare me for multiple careers in different fields and industries.

A lot may have changed at the College since I graduated in the spring of 1969, but so much more has remained the same. Just like my professors, the faculty and staff today are focused on the student. And that is part of what makes this such a special institution and why we are able to recruit and retain some of the best faculty and staff from around the country. In fact, this fall, we welcomed more than 50 new faculty members to the College. They come from some of the best universities in the country and the world. These teacher-scholars joined the College because they share our passion for excellence and commitment to student success.

As we progress through the academic year, I look forward to connecting with more of the campus community – whether at an event, eating lunch in Liberty, on the street, in Cistern Yard or around Charleston. If you see me, please do say hello. The personal connections we make at the College enrich our experience and contribute to Charleston’s culture of being a friendly and polite city.

Here’s to a great academic year!

Sincerely yours,